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White German Shepherds

The White Long Coat German Shepherd is a relatively unknown kind of breed, which always attracts attention. Wherever they show up in public, people are interested to know more about them and often want to have a photo taken together with the White Shepherd.
They are treated with as much curiosity as an exotic animal and often we are asked: " Is this an arctic wolf? " And reactions like this became in fact quite common.
On a trip to the city, it frequently happens,  that a car  suddenly stops beside us, the passengers jump out and want to have a photo taken with the " white wolf." Through the many reoccurring incidents like this, we realized, that our White German Shepherds with their long coats and gentle personalities are indeed special and as precious and beautiful as a raw diamond.
Their good looks are only matched by their inner beauty. They like to display their kind and gentle behavior and always seek human contact.
The loving personalities of our White Shepherds are a result of the natural environment in which they live and the treatment they experience here. It is hard to find a White Long Coat German Shepherd Puppy, but to find a White German Shepherd Puppy, which is born in an appropriate environment is an even more difficult task.

To be able to enjoy their company and kindness is simply priceless and can only be called a privilege.
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